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Micro-needling is an automated skin therapy treatment that vertically pierces small micro needles into the skin. This treatment aids the natural stimulation of collagen and elastin. This in turn enhances skin rejuvenation, leaving the skin boosted, smoother, firmer and more toned.

Micro-needling is a safe alternative to many invasive beauty treatments, as the controlled application leaves minimal damage to the epidermal tissue.
With little risk of side effect and no downtime for recovery this cosmetic procedure is extremely convenient.

A course of treatments is recommended for best results.

The benefits of Micro-needling treatments are:

Rejuvenates and smooths the skin

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Skin tightening and lifting

Reduces acne scars

Improves the appearance of stretch marks

Reduces large pores

Improves skin pigmentation issues

Can help to treat symptoms of Alopecia

Micro-needling Treatment Price List:

Single Treatment £120
Course of 3 treatments £300
Course of 6 treatments £550
Supreme Facial - Micro-needling & Peel £150

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